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Current Concerns

Ure Bank Maltings

Former Maltings, Ure Bank Top, Ripon - suggested for demolition, 2012The Ure Bank Maltings continue to deteriorate.  Some years ago an aplication to demolish was refused, but no solution has yet been found to the problem that the building,
probably the largest single structure in Ripon other than the cathedral, poses.

The exterior looks in a bad state, but internally the building is in a reasonable Maltings 3condition, and still contains some of the orginal machinery and fittings.  The lower floors, below and above ground level, have iron columns supporting the floors above.  The maltings expert found some unusual and exciting features, and said that the building definitely dated from before 1888, when laws regulating maltings were changed.

We continue to urge all parties to come up with workable plans to rescue this important part of Ripon's industrial heritage.
Neighbourhood Plan

Ripon Civic Society joined with Ripon City Council, the Greater Ripon Improvement Partnership (GRIP), the Chamber of Commerce and Ripon Cathedral to apply for Ripon to become a 'Front Runner' for Neighbourhood Planning.  

The plan is under development, and we expect it to be undergo public consultation again before too long, evenutally leading to a referendum."


The Station Hotel

STATION.jpgA recent proposal for the demolition of the Station Hotel on North Road, near North Bridge, was opposed by the Society.  We argued that such a move was unnecessary and would be detrimental to the look of this approach from the north into the city.

The importance of the Station Hotel lies both in its own merits as an early 19th-century example of a purpose-built inn, and as a clear reminder of the development of north Ripon with the coming of the railway in the 1840s. The building is certainly not beyond sensitive restoration.

In its response to the application  Ripon City Council argued, correctly in our view, that, as suggested in the draft City Plan, the building should form the focus for a much-needed hotel within the Ure Bank regeneration area. We would also argue that the land around the Station Hotel could further be used for parking, either for the hotel or for wider use.

We are plased to note that Harrogate Borough Council's Conservation Officers quoted our argments in favour of retaining the building.  They recommended refusal for demolition, and the council agreed.  We are plased to say that planning permission was refused.

We have also asked that the openwork 'Heras' fencing around the building should be removed and better, more attractive protection be put in its place.

The Cabmen’s Shelter

The Cabmen’s Shelter is an unusual survival from the days of horse-drawn transport and has been a concern of the Society for some time.  The Society donated the Shelter to Ripon City Council on 1 January 1991, with a clear undertaking from the Council that it would be fully protected and kept in good repair. Since that time no repair or repainting has been undertaken, and the Shelter is beginning to rot. 

The proposal to English Heritage that it should become a Listed Building which we submitted in November 2007, came to fruition in February 2009, when we received notification that the Shelter is now listed at Grade II.  The listing is to a large extent based on the information we submitted.  The listing documentation is available here.

The Shelter was restored with the help of a conservation grant from Harrogate Borough Council in 2011; recently it has shown signs of deteriorating again, but there are plans in train for regular maintenance.

The Spa Baths
Our major concern is the future of the Edwardian Spa baths in Park Street.  Listed Grade II.  The Society welcomes plans for a new pool, but believes that the Baths building must retain public access.  It has called for a new vision for the use of the building.  


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