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8th May 2012
‘Ripon Revealed’ is a new publication from Ripon Civic Society that guides local people and visitors on a tour of the Society’s green plaques, so that they can see the city and learn about its history.

The plaques are visited on two interlocking trails, both starting from the Market Square; one, going eastwards, is called ‘The Church and the Law, Navvies and a Poet’. It goes via the Cathedral and the Law and Order Museums, as well as visiting the Leper Chapel and the canal, the Town Hall and the Wakeman’s House. It also takes visitors to the cottage on Borrage Lane briefly occupied by World War I poet Wilfred Owen.

The other trail is ‘Rebels and Dissenters, Paupers and Eccentrics and looks at the rest of the Square, the Dissenters’ graveyard and the nearby Workhouse, the Clock Tower and the Spa Park. There is also a chance to see the plaque to Charles Piazzi Smyth, an astronomer who was obsessed by the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

‘Ripon Revealed’ is a full-colour booklet, complete with illustrations and a map. It is available at the Tourist Information Centre, Minster Road, Ripon, and costs £2.99.

David Winpenny, Chairman of Ripon Civic Society, says, ‘We know that lots of visitors have been asking for a guide to the Society’s green plaques, so we are delighted that ‘Ripon Revealed’ is now available. We hope that it will get people walking around the city and learning something more about our fascinating history. It stretches back more than 1500 years, so there’s plenty of it!’

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